Patricia Miranda

Sculpture and Installation Art

Camminare, 2020

About the Artist

“I am an interdisciplinary artist working in installation, textile, paper and books. The textiles are vintage and sourced linens, starting with lace belonging to my Italian and Irish grandmothers. Recently, friends and strangers around the country have sent lace; each donation is integrated into the story of the work. I am interested in the role of lacemaking in the lives of women historically, and contemporary craft and women’s work (re)appropriated by artists today. The relationship of craft, especially textiles, to environmental and social issues is an extension of my artistic investigations. My work is process oriented; textiles and books are submerged in natural dyes from oak gall wasp nests, cochineal insects, turmeric, indigo, leaves, flowers, and red, green, and yellow clay. I forage for raw materials, cook dyes, grind pigments, an ecofeminist action that considers the environmental impact of objects. Materials are dyed three or more times, the process left visible as dyestuff is unfiltered in the vat and the finished work. The works are earthy, unadulterated, unkempt – the opposite of clean and cerebral. They are sewn into larger works, and incorporated with hair, pearls, bone beads, milagros or cast plaster. I am interested in the distinct genetics and environmental and cultural history of each material. They assert their voice as collaborators rather than medium; I become as much listener as maker. The lace inserts a visceral femininity into the clean gallery, and exerts a ghostly trace of the history of domestic labor. The combination of earth and lace references human and environmental devastation and the conflation of nature and women’s bodies as justifications for exploitation. Mournful and solastalgic, they are lamentations to the ongoing violence against women and the earth. I conspire with the material world in an act of fury and devotion.”