Benthaus Studio

Film still

Breacher, 2020

About the Artwork

“An homage to the noble creatures that paved the way for this city in the 18th century. As one of the busiest and most profitable whaling ports in America, the city of New London—located just across the delta of the Thames River from your location—owes much of its existence and early success to whales. They’re makin’ a comeback, too!”


About the Artwork

“Beautiful swarms of birds operate on instinct and migration pat-terns toward a destination they know as safe and home. (Not a bad analogy to what we’re all going through under COVID.) While in flight, they all must maintain a certain distance from each other to not collide and fall from the sky…but not too much distance to be picked off by predators or the force of the gale. It’s a gorgeous meta-dance that we are all dancing these days. In our installation, we intend to honor it with a contemporary, glitched-out tribute, where vibrant colors, reimagined flocks, and vacillating abstractions will create an entirely new and captivating skyscape.”

About the Artists

Ben K. Foley uses light to make immersive visual experiences that invite viewers to challenge their curiosity and perception of our inner and outer spaces. Foley’s work highlights the intricate macro and microcosms of our universe, and brings viewers to question their own experiences and processes often taken for granted, but essential in our lives every day. He uses simple yet cleverly recycled materials plus rudimentary tricks of physics to create complex 3D illusions that reference everything from aspects of Zen, numerology, and mythology, to universal patterns found in math and nature, as well as the science behind optics, illusion, and human vision.

Allison Tanenhaus specializes in abstract geometrics, vibrant color fields, optical perspectives, mind-bending motion, and unexpected 3D qualities. Her source material consists of daily photographs, previous glitch works, and vintage artifacts that she digitally alters via smartphone, with equal parts deliberation and experimentation. In an age of hyper cyber anxiety, when personal data is being culled and exploited on every platform, reclaiming files and devices for purely artistic purposes functions as a radical act of creative autonomy and expression and, through her colorful presentations, promotes joy and unity.