Katina Bitsicas

Film still

Float, 2020.

About the Artwork

“Luci Cook is the recipient of three heart transplants, at ages 11, 23, and 28. She is now 31, finishing college and has a fear of wasting time since she is not a candidate for a fourth heart transplant. Conversation about the trauma and PTSD involved with transplants is seen as taboo, and she has been told numerous times that she should just be grateful to be alive. Through direct collaboration with Luci, I aim for these works to create the room to discuss these issues and provide Luci the ability to reclaim her traumatizing hospital experiences.

Float is inspired by a conversation I had with Luci Cook about the entire process of having multiple heart transplants. After making numerous amounts of work with her about the actual medical procedures, I asked her what portion of her story she thought was missing. She replied that the part of healing from and overcoming the emotional trauma from the transplants was missing. She explained to me how traveling abroad helped her to heal. Float is created from a series of videos she recorded while swimming abroad in Germany that were then edited and re-projected onto water. The weightlessness of the video onto the water reflects on her healing process.”

About the Artist

Katina Bitsicas is a new media artist who utilizes video, photography, and performance in her art works. Her works explore the effects of crime, traumatic personal events, and architectural containments on the human psyche. By dissecting the victim-perpetrator dichotomy as well as the impact of imprisonment, whether it is in a jail, asylum, home, or mind, she creates unconventional dialogues about these topics. Based on personal experiences, she explores these larger political, social, and psychological issues on an intimate level.

Shown both nationally and internationally, Katina has exhibited in multiple galleries, museums and festivals including The Armory Show in New York, NY, the Satellite Art Fair in New York, NY, PULSE Art Fair in Miami Beach, FL, Center for Contemporary Art in Santa Fe, NM, HereArt in New York, NY, Art in Odd Places in Orlando, FL, Videoart Festival Miden in Kalamata, Greece, AIVA Festival in FinspÄng, Sweden, La Corte Gallery of Contemporary Art in Florence, Italy, the Gezira Art Center in Cairo, Egypt, Traction Arts in Los Angeles, CA, the Grand Rapids Art Museum in Grand Rapids, MI, The Ringling Museum of Art in Sarasota, FL, The Carr Center in Detroit, MI, the Contemporary Art Museum at the University of South Florida in Tampa, FL, Digital Graffiti in Alys Beach, FL, and Gallery Penza in Lansing, MI curated by the late Michael Rush. She also worked as a production assistant on the Academy Award short-listed documentary film Battle for Brooklyn.

Born in East Lansing, Michigan, Katina currently resides in Columbia, MO. She received her BA from Kalamazoo College and Post-Baccalaureate from SACI in Florence, Italy, and was awarded the Elizabeth A. Sackler Museum Educational Trust Scholarship. Katina then received her MFA from the University of South Florida. She is currently the Program Director and an Assistant Professor of Digital Storytelling at the University of Missouri.