Rebecca Tanda

Film still

a heavy curved incisor 1: water, 2020

About the Artwork

“The factory towns Deep River and Ivoryton, located half an hour from Avery Point, reworked their waterways to enable the building of mills for grinding down elephant tusks into workable shapes and dimensions. The surrounding waters became repositories for the ivory dust and shavings as a result of the ivory grinding. With the aid of coastline and hydrological maps, I speculate how this ivory dust could have floated from the inland water bodies back out into the Atlantic Ocean, the same body of water that this material crossed to reach a middle class American consumer market.

The projection slowly pans the waterways from the former Ivoryton Mill to the bay, and then northwest along the shore to Avery Point. Inside the bodies of water reside archival photographs of elephants and the ivory trade obtained during research. The audio is likewise a translation of the waterway’s geometry into musical score. This piece was made with the intention to be projected onto the water’s surface.” –Rebecca Tanda

About the Artist

Rebecca Tanda (b.1994) is a visual artist and cartographer. She participated in several geography research projects in Hong Kong and China, as well as a solo show at the Hong Kong Visual Art Center in 2016. Informed by her work as a cartographer, in her artistic practice she re- imagines histories and creates speculative futures that focus on geography, territory and natural history. Rebecca is the recipient of the Charles A. Dana Foundation Glass Scholarship in 2019 and the Chinese University of Hong Kong Lee Woo Sing College Arts & Culture Grant in 2016 among other awards. In 2018, she was an artist in residence at Franconia Sculpture Park (USA) and will be an artist in residence at the Foundation Fiminco (France) and the Shanghai Swatch Art Peace Hotel (China) in 2020-2021.