Shadia Heenan Nilforoush

Film still

Mother of the Blueness, 2020

About the Artwork

“Mother of the Blueness interweaves performance art, film, and cut-paper animation. The film progresses through a slow series of moving images that travel between moments of reflection and contemplation and then abruptly shifts to moments of neurosis and absurdism. Beti, the protagonist, seeks to heal the weight of blue in others, using the color blue to speak to the sensory, visceral experience of trauma. Beti employs magic, fabricated ritual, and the symbolism of the evil eye to anoint those inflicted by trauma and to mark the perpetrators. Mother of the Blueness conjures fictional time travel, stifles on looped thoughts and folklore, while juxtaposing a fictional story with personal narrative. The sequences are layered with imagery, symbolism, sound, and concept, which together invoke confusion, disorientation, and disruption. Beti is haunted by her religious Islamic upbringing, searching for peace through surrender only to be challenged by superstition, obsessive behavior, and the residue of her own traumas.” –Shadia Heenan Nilforoush

About the Artist

Shadia Heenan Nilforoush is a multidisciplinary artist working in video and performance. Her works seeks to reconcile polarizing senses
of identity and re-contextualize ancestral trauma through her family archives and personal narrative. Shadia is the recipient of the Crandall-Cordero Fellowship, the Barbara Bullitt Christian Memorial Award and is a 2020 semi-finalist for the US Fulbright Fellowship.
Her work has been exhibited nationally including New York, Hartford, Boston, and New Orleans. Shadia received her BFA, with a minor in Psychology, from the Hite Art Institute at the University of Louisville in Louisville, KY and her MFA from the University
of Connecticut.