Sculpture and Installation Art

Shift, 2020

About the Artwork

Shift is an interactive installation. Viewers are invited to look through the different frames of four distinct panels and choose which portion of the landscape to feature and contemplate.

Shift encourages a dialogue between the viewer, the sculptural installation and the landscape that establishes the environment of Avery Point as the work of art. As viewers frame different portions of their surroundings, each experience will be unique and individually curated. Similar to a painting, photograph, or moving image, the viewer witnesses a moment in time. Yet, in contrast, these individually framed landscapes are fleeting, vulnerable to the slightest shift of weight, gust of wind, or setting sun.” –John Murray and Daniela Stubbs-Leví

About the Artists

Born in Berlin, Daniela Stubbs-Leví is a Peruvian New York-based artist. In her practice, she primarily uses video, sound, and photography. She creates work at the intersection of poetic scenarios, time as an abstraction, and the musical nature of dialogue.
John Murray, born in New York City, is a mixed-media sculptor working primarily with metals. He is process-oriented, exploring the limitations of a rudimentary material that pervades everyday life. His sculptures have a physical presence that seek to ignite a physical confrontation with their viewers, as distinct from an intellectually associative experience.
Shift is Daniela and John’s first sculptural collaboration. One artist is experienced with the language of image and sound, the other, with structure and space. Their work together explores the physical and conceptual intersection of their respective medium.